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About Us

Welcome To Globix Funding

Globix is your source of funding time-sensitive, interim/bridge financing to real estate for the purchase of non-owner occupied residential and small-balance commercial properties. Over the past few years lack of liquidity in the credit markets and increased regulation of the banking industry has greatly restricted conventional financing as an option for investors in fast-moving and competitive real estate markets. As the nation’s premier debt placement experts in private and institutional and out of the box lending programs, Globix has become premier debt placement specialist.

About Us

Globix is the commercial arm of Diversified Financial Services with 28 years of expertise in placement of all types of commercial and residential Mortgages. Mr. Bruce Benjamin is the founder of the firm who has earned his MBA from University of Wisconsin in 1982 and has been guest speaker for educational public seminars and live T.V. programs.

Globix is a project advisory firm, provider of outside the box creative financial solutions and direct to unparalleled sources of institutional and private funds for any viable project in the world. We provide rehabilitation of non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties, provide bridge loan, and line of credit for rehabilitation. Our unique program is providing line of credit for any type of residential and commercial properties as second lien.

Private funding programs enables our clients with time of essence and prefer not to wait for the lengthier time typically associated with the institutional lenders and willing to pay slightly higher rates but get the funds needed fast.

We offer short term loans from $100,000 for short term rehab to $5M for 1-4 family and most of smaller commercial properties,  as well as larger construction loans and permanents loan up to $500M + for larger infrastructure and developmental projects globally – Press here for Global Projects –(click and goes to

Projects – USA:

Projects – Global: Tailored Solutions coupled with unparalleled flexibility forlarger Global Projects for developmental, Alternative Energy, Mining and Pipelines.

Conventional Residential programs: Diversified Financial Services is a well-recognized name in tri state NYC area and provided unparalleled personal service and best terms of financing for all form of residential loan programs from $150,000 to $10M for primary, investment, 2nd homes and foreign national investors.